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Counseling Intensives


Why a Counseling Intensive

Counseling Intensives represent some of the most innovative psychotherapy currently available. This approach is intentionally time-limited, goal-driven, depth-oriented, and highly concentrated, making it an excellent option for resolving issues that demand immediate attention, as well as for revisiting a recurring challenge in a purposeful way.      

While standard therapy practices are effective, they are not always the most efficient. Counseling Intensives afford you the opportunity to quickly get to the root of the problem and begin the journey toward making long-lasting, permanent changes.

Much more can be achieved at a focused, intense retreat over a short period (a few days to a week) when compared with ‘traditional’, week-by-week counseling. 

Most psychotherapy focuses on stabilization and coping/self-management skills. While this can be useful, the underlying traumatization persists, potentially contributing to ongoing problems and risks. Thus treatment benefits are limited, gains may deteriorate, and further courses of treatment may be needed (Ecker, Ticic, & Hully, 2012). Counseling Intensives incorporate EMDR, Biofeedback and other counseling modalities as appropriate. "The combined protocol and technology of EMDR activates our innate healing mechanisms and optimizes our capacity to change how memory is encoded in the brain" Deany Laliotis.  

A counseling intensive is not designed as a chance to "get away," but rather as an opportunity to courageously turn inward. By choosing to show up for yourself in this way, you make an unwavering commitment to uncovering layers of yourself in the service of deep healing. Many people find intensives to be an incredibly satisfying and empowering experience, and return from them not only with new tools, insights and greater clarity, but also more inspired and hopeful about the future.

What is a Counseling Intensive

In a counseling intensive, we will spend consecutive days together. During this time, you will be the only client I am working with throughout the scheduled days. This is significantly different from hour-per-week therapy which can take months or years to reach treatment goals. 

EMDR Intensives also allow the opportunity to progress through the target memory sequence of EMDR in a more succinct and focused process.

Counseling Intensives are excellent for people who: 

  • Prefer to progress more rapidly than a once a week format allows
  • Want to move through early developmental traumas that are impairing day to day activities
  • Have an irregular or unpredictable schedule
  • Live in areas where integrative therapists/trauma specialists are unavailable
  • Prefer to see a therapist outside of their community
  • Want to thoroughly address a life challenge soon after it occurs

Oftentimes people will accomplish a significant amount of healing and progress over the week. At the end of the intensive, we will determine together the follow up plans on an individual basis.  

Please note that intensives aren’t for everyone. Sometimes slower is faster. The goal is to follow the natural healing process that creates transformation.

How Long is an Intensive?

The minimum is 2 days, many people need three or four days, some need five. After a phone assessment, we will have a better idea of the recommended amount of days and if a counseling intensive is appropriate at this time in your life. 

Sample Schedule for Counseling Intensives

  • Tuesday Evening: Arrive in Pawleys Island and settle in
  • Wednesday Morning: Session 1 (3 hours)
  • Wednesday Noon: Lunch on your own
  • Wednesday Afternoon: Session 2 (3 hours)
  • Wednesday Evening: Reflection, Recovery and Rest
  • Thursday Morning: Session 3 (3 hours)
  • Thursday Noon: Lunch on your own
  • Thursday Afternoon: Session 4 (3 hours)
  • Thursday Evening: Reflection, Recovery and Rest
  • Friday Morning: Session 5 (3 hours) - Wrap-Up
  • Friday Afternoon: Return Home

What to expect during the time

I will be available to help plan and guide your experience from beginning to end. Once enrolled in an intensive, I will follow up with you with details about what to bring with you and how best to prepare in order to get the most out of our time together.  

Next steps include: 

Pre-intensive assessment by phone to see if an intensive is right for you/right for you at this time

Pre-intensive counseling in-person or via video to prepare for your personalized experience

The counseling intensive process includes the following:

1. In-depth assessment including learning about the your strengths, resources, trauma/loss history, life situation, and presenting problems.

2. Establishing goals

3. Stabilization tools and resources to help cope with emotions during the deeper work

4. Resolution of trauma and loss memories - this process if often the more intensive part of the therapeutic process. 

6. Anticipation and preparation of future challenges

7. Finally, we will plan for any follow-up treatment that may be needed. Often all that's planned is a check-in just to make sure that you're on track, with the option to do more as called for.

Not included: travel, meals, lodging and incidentals. Please plan accordingly 

Cost and Payment

Cost will depend on the number of treatment days.  

Fee: $1875 for the above sample schedule of 2 1/2 days plus initial phone/skype assessment, preparation work and one scheduled follow up appointment (in person if local or via phone/skype).   

You'll also be responsible for your travel-related costs.

Insurance does not yet cover this service.

Payment will not be processed until time of service, at which time you can pay by debit or credit card, Health Savings Card, cash, or check.

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